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The BBQ Range

Meats From The BBQ 


Homemade Irish Beef Burger in an Yellow Door Foccacia Blanca


Thick Local Butcher Pork Sausage with a Soft Ciabatta

The Steaks - Rib Eye, Sirloin, T-Bone, Tomahawk, or Rump, Seasoned and grilled to perfection accompanied with a Peppercorn Sauce gently heated on the BBQ


Minted Lamb Chops


Chicken Kebabs coated in a Satay sauce 


Chinese Style Pork Ribs


Chicken Wings in a BBQ Sauce 


Other Options From The BBQ

Cajun Chickpea & Mango Burger in an Yellow Door Foccacia Blanco (V,VG)

Salt & Pepper Prawns cooked to order by the Chef

Halfed Portabello Mushrooms, and Asparagus Tips cooked with a hint of garlic lemon and herb glaze and cooked on the BBQ (V, VG)

Grilled Whole Fish Salt & Peppered or Lemon & Garlic Glaze

From The Smoker


Two Hour Oak Smoked Chicken Thighs, Salt & Peppered or Cajun Spice Or Tandoori Marinade

Two types of Jacobs Ladder (Short Rib of Beef) oak smoked for two and a half hours, one in a Sweet Smokey Kansas Rub and the other massaged with Olive Oil and salt and pepper


12 Hour Marinated Teriyaki Salmon cooked on beechwood in the Smoker for 2 hours


Three Hour Smoked Shoulder Of Pork covered in a dry Rub and Served as pulled pork with our homemade BBQ Sauce

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