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The Tasting Menu

Our tasting menu is designed to give our customers the ultimate BBQ experience! 



The Grazing Table

Charcuterie Selection

Prosciutto, salami, capicola, iberico ham, sliced chorizo

Selection of Speciality Cheeses,

including soft and hard cheeses, blue, smoked, herb infused and goats cheese.

Crudités, Olives, Pickles, Nuts, Sweet & Spicy Jams

Olive Tapenade, Red Pepper with Chilli Dip

Our own special oven Roasted Tomatoes marinated with Ginger, Chilli,

Garlic and spices

Accompanied with a selection of breadsticks, crackers, oak cakes and

dipping breads which include, Ciabatta, Flat and Naan



Meats From The BBQ 

Homemade Irish Beef Burger in a Yellow Door Focaccia Blanco

Chicken Wings in a Chinese Sauce


Baby Pork Ribs in a BBQ Sauce


From The Smoker


Two Hour Oak Smoked Chicken Thighs, Salt & Peppered or Cajun Spice 


Two types of Jacobs Ladder (Short Rib of Beef) oak smoked for two and a half hours, one in a Sweet Smokey Kansas Rub and the other massaged with Olive Oil and salt and pepper


12 Hour Marinated Teriyaki Salmon cooked on beechwood in the Smoker for 2 hours


Three Hour Smoked Shoulder Of Pork covered in a dry Rub and Served as pulled pork with our homemade BBQ Sauce


The Salads

Our take on a Ceasar salad with a twist! (V)


Chef’s Special Greek Salad, which includes mixed leaf & rocket, oven roasted tomatoes, baby plum tomatoes, shallots, couscous, beetroot, pomegranate, cucumber, peppers, topped with feta cheese and as a side our own balsamic dressing (V)


Chunky Potato Salad and Scallions (V)


Spiced Cous-Cous and Roast Vegetable Salad (V,VG)


Homemade Crunchy Coleslaw(V)

Accompanied with our own balsamic dressing with a hint of Chilli or our own homemade Cesar salad Dressing






The Desserts

Homemade Malteser Cheesecake 


Homemade Passion Fruit Cheesecake

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