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The Grazing Table

Charcuterie Selection

Prosciutto, salami, capicola, iberico ham, sliced chorizo

Selection of Speciality Cheeses,

including soft and hard cheeses, blue, smoked, herb infused and goats cheese.

Crudités, Olives, Pickles, Nuts, Sweet & Spicy Jams

Olive Tapenade, Red Pepper with Chilli Dip

Our own special oven Roasted Tomatoes marinated with Ginger, Chilli, Garlic and spices


Accompanied with a selection of breadsticks, crackers, oak cakes and dipping breads which include, Ciabatta, Flat and Naan


Vegan dipping breads available which include, Rosemary & Salt Flatbreads, Lentil Chips, Vegan Tortilla Chips and Vegetable Batons 

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